Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

I am the mother of a crazy army wife who is currently living in Alabama but is probably going to Colorado Springs this September and  it has been a very crazy new experience for me. Being a New Yorker who moved to California for the next 40 years, coming down here has been quite an awakening .Although I feel like I am in the middle of nowhere, I must say I have met the most wonderful people all of whom are in the military.  I have gone my whole life until 9/11 without ever even thinking about what our troops have done for us.  My daughter, crazy as she is and right now she is, has shown me a whole new way of life which is incredible.  What these guys do for our country is beyond amazing and the sacrifices an army wife makes are incredibly difficult.  Growing up in a generation where war was frowned upon and people protested the  streets everyday; we all lived our lives oblivious to what was going on.  Everyone I knew was so afraid of being drafted and having to go to war.  My daughter's husband has served 3 tours already and will be going back again which is  so scary to me but I am so proud of him. This being my first post and visiting with daughter for the last two weeks which has been wonderfully incredible I will not be going into any details today of all my own crazy things I need to get off my chest but by next post when I get the hang of this the tone of my blog will be quite different.

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